Jason Gaspar is an interdiciplinary artist who uses a range of materials and mediums to better represent history, language, cultural mishaps, food and the power of plants. He received his BFA from the University of North Texas and an MFA from the University of Minnesota. Jason was born in Brownsville, Texas.  Currently he lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Exhibition Record

2013                    Queens Museum of Art, Herb Garden for Action, Spring and

   Summer of 2013

   Center for Strategic Art and Agriculture, April 2013

                            Immigrant Movement International, Springmavera (ongoing project)

                            Corona Plaza, Public Work, Queens NY

2012                    Guapamacataro, Michocan Mexico, (Artist Residency and Exhibition)

   Immigrant Movement International From Mar-Sep

   (Springmavera), Queens, NY

   New York Hall of Science (Horticulture lead and Community Organizer) in 

   collaboration with Biomodd[NYC4] Queens NY

   Brooklyn High Art Machine, Brooklyn NY (Public Art Project)

   Corona Plaza, Public Work, Queens NY

2011                    Center for the Contemporary Art, Sacramento CA 
                            Grace Space, Brooklyn NY
                            Hunter College, Manhattan NY
                            Open Source, Brooklyn NY
                           Gowanus Art Space,  Brooklyn NY
                            Brooklyn High Art Machine, Brooklyn NY (Public Art)


2012                    Immigrant Movement International (Project Leader)
2011                    Brooklyn Diggers(Historian/Artist Collective), Non-Solo (Artist Collective)








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