Springmavera was a collaborative-community based project. It took place at Immigrant Movement International in Corona Queen. Springmavera functioned as an experiment in pop up horticulture and food as well as a major component to Biomodd NYC4

      Collaborator: Marco Castro www.marcocastrocosio.com

Springmavera Planters.2012
Springmavera Planters and Food.2012
Springmavera Making Planters.2012
Springmavera Subirrigated Planters.2012
Springmavera Food Demo.2012
Springmavera Community Supported Agriculture Into.2012
Springmavera Food Demo.2012
springmavera inauguration.2012
Springmavera inauguration.2012
Springmavera Inaguration.2012

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