Biomodd NYC4 was initiated by artist Angelo Vermeulen. This work is a multifaceted collaboration that uses socially engaged art to find more meaningful relationships between technology, plants and people. For this work my title was horticulture lead and community organizer.

Biomodd Windor Farm
close up of edible plants
Central biomodd location
view of the biomodd
BiomoddNYC4 Window Farm Under Construction With Some Planters.2012
Springmavera and BiomoddNYC4 Build Your Own Computer Workshop.2012
BiomoddNYC4 Window Farm Begins.2012
Springmavera and BiomoddNYC4 (seed sprouting).2012
Springmavera and BiomoddNYC4.2012
Springmavera and BiomoddNYC4.2012
Springmavera Meets BiomoddNYC4.2012
Springmavera meets BiomoddNYC4.2012
Springmavera and BiomoddNYC4.2012
From Springmavera to Biomodd NYC4

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